We produce exceptional model kits for the discerning hobbyist.

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Beacon Models produces a range of plastic scale model kits that set a new standard of quality, detail and precision. We aim to produce exceptional kits for the discerning hobbyist.

Our models can be configured with landing gear raised or lowered for a static or in-flight display, with high detail fidelity and user friendly design.

The Few

Beacon Models is developing collections of 1/144 scale plastic model kits, based on captivating periods of history! We are beginning this journey with “The Few” – a range of ten aircraft from The Battle of Britain, featuring all your favourites as exquisitely detailed models. The planned range includes:

All models feature option parts for various marks and variants where applicable and can be configured with landing gear raised or lowered for a static or in-flight display. All this in expertly designed and user-friendly kits made with cutting-edge plastic injection tooling technology.

We are enlisting the help of the community to help us realise this dream, as we hope you will support us in the community and our crowdfunding campaigns.

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A highly unusual captured Bf109E-1 French Airforce scheme 🤔!  This is another build by the talented Andrew Powner which he sent in to us. It's unclear whether this particular aircraft scheme actually existed, however there are many similar examples of 109Es in French service, most captured during the "Phoney War." This is the name given to the period between 3rd September 1939 when Britain and the Allies declared war on Germany, and ended on the 10th May 1940 when Germany launched a full scale invasion of France and the Low Countries.  During this period, operations on the Western Front were limited, however it did see some notable allied actions such as the Saar Offensive, during which France attacked Germany - though this action only lasted a few days before a withdrawal.  When Germany invaded France, the allies saw "Blitzkrieg" in full force, and the British Expeditionary Force and allied armies were quickly overrun by the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe. This culminated in Operation Dynamo; the evacuation of the BEF and allied forces from the beaches on Dunkirk in late May 1940. After which, as Prime Minister Winston Churchill put it in his famous "Finest Hour" speech:  "The Battle of France is over: the Battle of Britain is about to begin." 
Thank you Andrew for this wonderful build, depicting an often forgotten but nonetheless pivotal period of the Second World War!  #diorama #scalemodeling #miniatures #144scale #scalemodel #battleofbritain #modelaircraft #hobbymodel #plasticmodel #scalemodels #warbirds #modelkit #scalemodelling #plasticmodelkit #modelbuilding
Big discounts in store this weekend 😲📣!  Over the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend we have some great offers for you! The 1/144 Spitfire Vs Bf109 dogfight set is on sale for 25% off, and we have put together RAF Dispersal bundles in 1/72 and 1/144, with a discount on the bundle giving 20% off vs buying the items separately. These bundles are a limited offer while stocks last, and will not be available after this sale ends, so don't miss out!  As always, all orders over £40.00 in value are eligible for free shipping 🤩!  This sale will run from midnight on the morning of Friday 24th November, to midnight on the evening of Monday 27th November.  Good hunting!
A very unusual Operational Training Squadron Spitfire scheme!
Andrew Powner decided to do something a bit different with his Spitfire so used the generic decal sheet to create this rather striking scheme! This aircraft served with 57 OTU at RAF Hawarden in 1942, preparing new fighter pilots to fly the latest Spitfire marks. As always we love seeing your builds and we're always delighted to feature them here!
 #diorama #scalemodel #scalemodeling #144scale #spitfire #miniatures #raf #supermarinespitfire #modelaircraft #battleofbritain #hobbymodel #plasticmodel #scalemodels #warbirds #modelkit #scalemodelling #modelbuilding #plasticmodelkit
We're so proud that a build of our kit won a medal at IPMS Scale Model World '23 🎉!!  Massive congratulations to Rigged 72 for this amazing achievement. His elegant and richly detailed vignette depicts a Bf109E-4 of JG 2 in France during the Battle of Britain, 1940. He added one of our resin Luftwaffe pilot figures and a Kubelwagen, both of which are superbly finished.  We think this build definitely deserved its medal, and Rigged 72 is an up and coming 144 model account to watch! His builds have been so impressive. Well done old chap!  #diorama #scalemodel #scalemodeling #3dprintedmodels #bf109 #luftwaffe #avgeek #modelaircraft #battleofbritain #hobbymodel #plasticmodel #scalemodels #miniature #warbirds #modelkit #scalemodelling #plasticmodelkit #modelbuilding
Beacon at Scale Model World 2023!  Some lovely builds on the SIG 144 stand by Tim's Vignettes and others, and I'm told that Rigged 72 took home a medal for his 109! The models on the Frome Model Centre stand were getting a lot of interest too!  Next year I hope we'll be there with a stand again, with some new kits I hope! Thanks everyone who said hello and supported us 😁!
This wonderful Diorama was built using our 1/144 Dogfight set and resin Tilly!  Credit for this model goes to Tim O'Donnell, who sent us the photos along with very kind feedback about how much he enjoyed building the kits. We LOVE seeing the models you create and the stories you tell with our kits, so be sure to tag us in your social posts or just drop us an email 😊. We always like to feature your builds where we can!  #scalemodeling #144scale #luftwaffe #plastickit #bf109 #miniatures #scalemodel #diorama #raf #spitfire #3dprintedmodels #thefew #ngauge #modelaircraft #battleofbritain #hobbymodel #plasticmodel #scalemodels #modelkit #warbirds #scalemodelling #modelbuilding
This Messerschmitt Bf109E was beautifully painted by one of our modellers!  The markings worn are 8/JG 26 - the "Adamson Staffel." The cartoon character of Adamson appeared on the sides of many fighters in this unit, which saw heavy fighting during the Battle of Britain. Though an unlikely pair, the SS Jaguar 100 is a great complement I think. Well done @michael.neradkov! Leave a like and give Michael a follow if you like his work.  #scalemodel #144scale #scalemodeling #plastickit #luftwaffe #messerschmitt #miniatures #bf109 #modelaircraft #battleofbritain #hobbymodel #plasticmodel #scalemodels #warbirds #modelkit #scalemodelling
Throwback to when @juan_m_villegas built one of our 1/144 Spitfires 😍!  The incredible detail and weathering he achieved in small scale is breath taking, I'm sure you will agree! This Spitfire Mk.Ia is N3250 "GR-S," flown by Pilot Officer Allan Wright of No. 92 Squadron. It is represented as it would have been in late May 1940, when P/O Wright fly sorties over Dunkirk,  Remember that Juan gives you all his top modelling tips and secrets in our 1/144 Modelling Masterclass eBook, which you can get for free when you sign up to our email newsletter through the link in our page or our website.  #scalemodeller #plastickit #scalemodel #144scale #diorama #scalemodeling #spitfire #raf #scalemodeler #scalemodelworld #injectionmolding #thefew #modelaircraft #battleofbritain #hobbymodel #plasticmodel #scalemodels