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The Supermarine Spitfire is one of the most iconic fighter aircraft ever built. Developed in the late 1930’s as an interceptor, it was aircraft designer R.J. Mitchell’s masterpiece. It has an unmistakable silhouette with elegant lines and a striking elliptical wing, these features are accompanied by an equally awe inspiring soundtrack from the Rolls Royce engines that powered it. The Spitfire rose to fame during the Battle of Britain, where it proved to be a fast and agile fighter capable of tackling the most advanced fighters of the Luftwaffe.

It was continually improved as the war progressed, with new engines, new armaments and changes to the wings and airframe to keep it on the cutting edge of fighter technology and able to keep up with the ever more challenging threats from Axis aircraft. It served in many allied units in almost every theatre of the Second World War, both as a land based fighter and on aircraft carriers. There is no doubt that it played a significant role in the Allied victory, and is revered to this day as a milestone in military aviation and British innovation.

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MkI Early, MkIa, MkIIa/b, PR Mk1 Type G




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