RAF Dispersal Hut


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Kit Features:

  • 1 x RAF Dispersal Hut model
  • Chimney and scramble bell features
  • Fine detail 3D printed resin

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This model represented an RAF dispersal hut, a common sight on RAF airfields in Britain throughout the Second World War. The model is available in both 1:72 and 1:144 scales, please make sure you have correctly selected the scale you want before adding to cart. The 1:72 version is printed on demand, please allow 14 days for order dispatch. 

During the Battle of Britain, RAF airfields came under heavy attack from the Luftwaffe, with frequent daylight bombing raids. This was an attempt to cripple the RAF and give the Luftwaffe air superiority over Britain so that an invasion by sea would be possible. The RAF quickly adapted to these raids, and responded with effective use of fighter assets in the air as well as re-organising airfields to minimise damage and reduce the time needed to return to operational status after an attack. One such tactic was to place small clusters of aircraft around the airfield rather than concentrated in main hangars and buildings. This “dispersal” of aircraft and personnel meant that it was difficult for raiding aircraft to effectively attack ground targets spread around the airfield. Many simple temporary or prefabricated structures were built to provide pilots and ground crew with shelter and somewhere to be close to their aircraft while on alert, in case they were scrambled. This model is a typical example of a wooden dispersal hut, with a simple stove chimney and tin roof.

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1:144, 1:72




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