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RAF Dispersal Set

A set of 1/144 figures and scenic items. A perfect basis for a Battle of Britain dispersal diorama featuring Spitfires, Hurricanes or other RAF aircraft.

Kit Contents:

  • RAF Dispersal Hut
  • SS Jaguar 100 sports car
  • Six officer and crew figures
  • Rattan chair.

NOTE: the models in this set are injection moulded plastic, however unlike our aircraft kits the plastic is not polystyrene and hobby cement will no work. CA glue or epoxy must be used.



SKU: BCN14400300

Product Description

Pre-order delivery estimate: Q4 2021

During the early stages of the Battle of Britain, the Luftwaffe attacked RAF airfields in an attempt to win air superiority over Britain, paving the way for invasion. The RAF quickly learned that losses of aircraft, personnel and equipment on the ground could be lessened by dispersing them around the airfield in smaller groups. Pilots and crews who were on alert would wait to be scrambled from these locations. In order to shelter them and provide some comfort many “Dispersal Huts” were built.

These varied in design, however they were typically wooden sheds often with borrowed or scavenged furnishings, and perhaps a stove providing heat during the cold months. Pilots and crew had to wait for long periods at these locations, and many tasks and activities took place to alleviate boredom and boost morale, such as games or maintenance. When the alert was sounded, pilots would race to their aircraft to get airborne as soon as possible – because every minute meant extra altitude and a tactical advantage when the enemy was spotted and engaged.

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 14.8 × 2 cm





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