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The E variant of the Messerschmitt 109 – known as the “Emil,” was the mainstay of the Luftwaffe’s fighter squadrons in the early stages of the Second World War. During the Battle of France and then the Battle of Britain, it was the adversary of the Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane, and well matched against both. It was an extremely capable fighter, and also found success as a fighter bomber.

Later, a tropical variant of the Emil saw action over North Africa and the Mediterranean. Many improvements to engines and armament were introduced in the Emil variants as the design evolved, from the early machine gun armed E-1, to the later E-7 with its enhanced range through the introduction of drop tanks. As well as serving for eight years in the Luftwaffe, the Emil was exported to other air forces and fought in the last stages of the Spanish Civil War.

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E-1, E-3/4, E-7, E-7 Trop




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