Where It Began

Beacon Models is a collaboration between two expert plastic kit designers, Will Jayne and Bryan Wall. Together, they aim to produce the best kits on the market.

The founders met at IPMS Telford in 2019. When Bryan was looking for the next big thing, Will suggested working on kits together and Beacon Models began to take shape.

With their combined experience, Will and Bryan intend to produce exceptional scale model kits for all kinds of hobbyists.

Will Jayne
Will JayneFounder
Will has been designing models since graduating from university. With over ten years of design consulting experience as well as a successful line of resin warship kits, Gwylan Models.

He is best known for his freelance work designing dozens of plastic model kits for Flames of War and Team Yankee, two tabletop games produced by Battlefront Miniatures.

Bryan Wall
Bryan WallFounder
Bryan is the former lead designer at Wingnut Wings, one of the most prestigious scale model kit companies in the world until the company closed its doors in 2020.

He has thirteen years of experience designing aircraft model kits at Wingnut in large scales and exquisite detail, with many years of design experience prior to that.

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